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Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney Who Can Offer Personalized Attention

Why you need a bankruptcy attorney who can offer personalized attention.jpgAre you overwhelmed with debt, having reached the point where you can barely pay for the essentials, much less satisfy pay your creditors? You may have been doing your best to cope with escalating financial distress for months now or even years, but have finally decided to explore bankruptcy as an option. While this may be the smartest solution for gaining firm control of your finances, it can also be a difficult decision to make.

What Happens to My Child Support Obligation in A Bankruptcy Case?

thumbnail - child support.jpgThere are many reasons that millions around the US have filed for bankruptcy. Serious financial woes are generally precipitated by an unexpected life event. A major illness may have led to medical bills piling up, unemployment may have made it impossible to pay the bills, or family issues such as divorce may have led to very challenging circumstances both emotionally and financially.

Stripping Liens from Your Home in a New Jersey Bankruptcy

Stripping Liens from Your Home in a New Jersey Bankruptcy.jpgFor years, New Jersey homeowners saw their homes rise in value. During this time, many homeowners took out second or third mortgages or home equity loans. Even now, eight years after the beginning of the housing crisis, many homeowners are still underwater in their mortgages, owing more than their home is worth.

Students Paying on their Parents' Loans

Students Paying on their Parents Loans.jpgIn a new twist on the student loan crisis, this year has seen a growing number of students paying on their parent's loans. The problem started with the Parent PLUS loan system, a system that is notorious for granting parents large amounts with few strings attached. 

Dance Mom's Prison Sentence

Dance.jpgDance Mom Abby Lee Miller is due in court this month to be sentenced for her role in a bankruptcy fraud case. The case began nearly four years ago, when Miller filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, claiming her business made only $8,899 per month.

How will a bankruptcy affect my children?

How will a bankruptcy affect my children.jpg
If you are the parent of minor children, you may be worried about how declaring bankruptcy may affect their lives. The good news is that for most filers, a bankruptcy  does not negatively affect their children. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you understand how a bankruptcy might affect your family and help you plan accordingly. 

3 Celebrities who have Comeback after Bankruptcy

3 Celebrities who have Comeback after Bankruptcy.jpgMany Americans are struggling to get by or just barely make it. If you have fallen behind on bills, mortgage payments, or other debt you are not alone. Many celebrities have filed for bankruptcy in order to have a fresh financial start, and ended up making a comeback as a result.

DIY Bankruptcy Disasters

DIY Bankruptcy Disasters.jpgWe've all seen some amazing Do-It-Yourself projects. From Pinterest to HGTV, perhaps you've seen the incredible home remodel or unbelievable craft idea. While it may be tempting to test your DIY abilities in bankruptcy law, it is best to keep those skills in the home and out of the courtroom.

Judge Debunks Common Bankruptcy Myths

Judge Debunks Common Bankruptcy Myths.jpgThis summer, Chief United State Bankruptcy Judge Jason Woodard met with community leaders and debunked common bankruptcy myths. Judge Woodard presides over the northern district of Mississippi, the poorest district in the nation. That district, like so many others nationwide, is seeing a gradual decrease in monthly filings, trending toward a leveling off of bankruptcy filings from year to year.

Marrying into Debt

Marrying into Debt.jpgYou've found the one. You've planned the wedding. You're ready to walk down that aisle, but you want to know, when your officiant asks "if you take this person to be your spouse, for richer or for poorer," what are you agreeing to?

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