Bankruptcy And Debt Relief In New Jersey

When most people think of managing their debt, they normally think in overly general terms. They either think they have to file "bankruptcy" or they need to enter into a vague "payment plan" with their creditors. There are many other approaches to debt relief.

We Offer Real Solutions

Why work with the lawyers at Levitt & Slafkes, P.C.? Unlike many debt relief services, we have the ability to negotiate on your behalf and enter into legally enforceable agreements that must be observed by your creditors, including the credit card companies and hospitals. Many debt relief services can only approach your creditors and ask for their cooperation. It is not unusual, in fact, for these services to keep your money even after the creditors have indicated they will not work with you.

As attorneys, our only duty is to you and your best interests. We are bound by the oath we take in open court when we are licensed. Private debt relief services do not share that legally mandated commitment.

We Can Help You End This Struggle

From our office in Essex County, our lawyers offer clients throughout New Jersey an in-depth understanding of the options made available by the law to manage and discharge debt. These options include:

  • Discharging homeowner's association debt: Due to a twist in the law instituted by lobbyists for the homeowners' associations, many people often find themselves obligated on homeowner's association fees even after filing for bankruptcy. We know how to prevent this from happening to you.

  • Discharging income taxes in bankruptcy: Contrary to popular belief, taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. Unfortunately, many people are told that their taxes are nondischargeable. We can show you how the bankruptcy laws allow for your taxes to be handled through payment plans in a Chapter 13 and even eliminated entirely in a Chapter 7.

  • Reaffirming your secured debt: Many lenders, especially for cars, insist you agree to pay off your loan even after declaring bankruptcy. Too few people enter into these agreements without fully understanding the consequences should they later become ill or injured. We will help you grasp the real effects that a reaffirmation agreement may have on your fresh start so you can decide whether to sign one with your eyes open.

We Can Protect What You Own

Creditors and collections agents often harass people by claiming they will take all of your assets, including your home, your car and your retirement accounts.

The Bankruptcy Code offers a variety of ways to protect what you own so you can get the fresh start you need. These protections are called bankruptcy exemptions.

Bankruptcy exemptions set out the items you can protect and how valuable those items can be. Exemptions allow clients to keep houses, cars and other belongings so long as they do not exceed a certain value.

Unfortunately, these exemptions can be complicated. A miscalculation or misapplication of bankruptcy exemptions can cost you your home or other assets. At Levitt & Slafkes, P.C., we know how to apply these exemptions and protect your property.

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