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Photo of attorneys Shelley Slafkes and Bruce Levitt
Photo of attorneys Shelley Slafkes and Bruce Levitt
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Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention in NJ

Proactive Measures To Prevent Mortgage Foreclosure

You may wonder how you will be able to consistently pay your mortgage bills when the bills pile up and your financial reserves dip too low to cover them. Even if you are unable to make home mortgage payments, there are a variety of proactive measures you can take to prevent a foreclosure.

At Levitt & Slafkes, P.C., our attorneys have defended New Jersey families and individuals against foreclosure for over 30 years. We are familiar with strategies mortgage companies and lenders use to complicate proceedings and overwhelm homeowners in the process. We are dedicated to finding solutions to allow our clients to keep their homes.

These Steps May Help You Avoid Foreclosure

  1. Monitor your financial situation so you are aware of your debt levels. Ignoring this problem will not make it go away. You may have more options available to you when you respond promptly to the problem.
  2. Notify your lender when you realize may not be able to pay your mortgage payment.
  3. Read and respond to lender notices. These letters contain valuable information that may include mortgage foreclosure prevention strategies and legal notices.
  4. Meet with an attorney to learn about your mortgage rights, foreclosure timelines and relevant laws.

Our lawyers are familiar with government programs that are designed to help homeowners remain in their homes even after their mortgage payments become too high. We work with lenders to mortgages and represent our clients in court when lenders commit violations, such as servicing violations, lender fraud and other unlawful lender violations.

We Will Educate You On Your Available Options. Contact Us Today.

Whether you need help stopping a foreclosure or reducing their interest rates, we have the skills to accomplish your goals. Arrange your free consultation online or over the phone at 973-323-2953. You can rely on us to respond promptly to your inquiries because your mortgage concerns are important.

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