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Photo of attorneys Shelley Slafkes and Bruce Levitt
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Can I Get Rid of My COVID-19 Medical Debt in Bankruptcy?

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2020 | Medical Bills and Bankruptcy

There have been many news stories about people receiving large bills as a result of COVID-19 care. Hopefully you are not one of them. This really causes double financial problems-loss of income as a result of being sick and medical bills. Sometimes this result from incorrect billing that can be resolved. However, many people, even those with health insurance, are left with paying co-payments, deductibles and a percentage of the bill which can amount to thousands of dollars. During this time, some insurance companies are waiving certain patient costs resulting from COVID-19. To know what your insurer is offering, review this list published by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP).

You might also have medical bills that you cannot pay that are not related to COVID-19.

Medical Bills are Unsecured Debt

Medical debt is unsecured debt which is the same as credit card debt, personal loans, utility bills etc. Unsecured debt is not tied to any collateral, such as your house or car. Unsecured debts are discharged (eliminated) in bankruptcy. Therefore, if you’re filing bankruptcy to get out from under your medical bills, all of your other unsecured debt will also be discharged. There is no limit to the amount of medical debt that can be discharged in bankruptcy.

Medical Debt is Dischargeable in Bankruptcy

It is good to know that you can discharge medical bills through bankruptcy. If you find yourself struggling with medical debt, and with medical debt collectors, you should consider filing bankruptcy to eliminate the medical debt. A great number of people who seek bankruptcy relief do so to discharge medical debt. Bankruptcy can fully wipe out your medical debt and other unsecured debt as well.

We Can Help You Eliminate Your Overwhelming Medical Bills

If you have medical bills that you cannot possibly pay, contact us for help. At Levitt & Slafkes, we know that these debts can take an emotional toll. If you want an attorney that will treat you with compassion and respect, contact Levitt & Slafkes to schedule a free consultation to understand what your options are to eliminate your medical bills and the sleepless nights they cause.

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