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Dealing with An Upside Down Mortgage

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2018 | Foreclosure Saving Your Home, Loan Modifications

Homeownership is an expensive investment in your family’s future. When you purchase a home, you do so with the expectation that it will appreciate in value. Otherwise, you would just rent. Sadly, many Americans find themselves in a position where the value of their home is less than the homeowner’s outstanding mortgage debt. This phenomenon is referred to as an “upside-down mortgage”.

There are several reasons that a mortgage can flip upside-down. One of the reasons is a fluctuation in the local or national housing market, which can leave the property value far below what the homeowner paid. Another common explanation for an upside-down mortgage is a bad loan, which either came with a high interest rate, a fluctuating interest rate, or an unadvisable amount of risk.

Regardless of the reasons, if you find yourself with a loan that exceeds the value of your home, you have some tough choices ahead.

· Keep making payments. Your home is important to you, as is your credit. This is why some people choose to continue paying off an upside-down mortgage-so that they don’t lose their home or jeopardize their credit. While this does not make a great deal of financial sense, if a homeowner can afford to make the payments, there is no faulting the sentiment involved.

· Loan modification. This involves negotiating with a bank to re-work the balance, interest rate, monthly payment, or interest rate of an existing loan. Banks are not in the business of agreeing to lose money; however, foreclosure proceedings are expensive for banks. We can help you work through the rigorous approval process to put you in your best position for success.

· Bankruptcy relief. A sad, but viable option for some homeowners with an upside-down mortgage is to walk away from the house and let your mortgage company have it. Filing for bankruptcy relief to accomplish this end can also help you obtain a discharge of the outstanding mortgage debt. In the alternative, bankruptcy can be a tool for a homeowner to remain in their upside-down home by allowing the homeowner to strip junior liens from the property or to repay missed payments over time.

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