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Photo of attorneys Shelley Slafkes and Bruce Levitt
Photo of attorneys Shelley Slafkes and Bruce Levitt
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Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney Who Can Offer Personalized Attention

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Why Hire an Attorney?

If you are reading this blog, you are likely overwhelmed with unmanageable debt and have decided to see if bankruptcy might help.

You should commend yourself for taking the first step to improve your finances and know you don’t have to approach this process alone. We are here to help.

The first and most important step is to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will take the time to understand your needs and guide you through the bankruptcy process in a competent and compassionate manner.

Here are some reasons why it is also important that the bankruptcy attorney you choose give you personalized attention.

You Will Be Working With Your NJ Bankruptcy Attorney for a Long Time

It is important to know that you will be working with your bankruptcy attorney for 3 to 6 months if you file a NJ Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and 3 to 5 years if you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

It is therefore important to hire a bankruptcy lawyer who will be available to answer your questions throughout the process. Every bankruptcy case is unique, and should be treated that way. Your NJ bankruptcy attorney should understand what led you to consider bankruptcy and what your goals are.

Guidance is Necessary Throughout the NJ Bankruptcy Process

Your NJ bankruptcy attorney should be there to guide you through every step of the bankruptcy process from pre planning, to the conclusion of your bankruptcy. Together, you should explore which type of bankruptcy you are qualified to file and which is best for your unique situation.

You need a bankruptcy attorney who offers personal attention and apprises you of all the documents you will need, as well as offers tips on attending the required meeting in your bankruptcy.

This attention should carry through until the end of your bankruptcy when you receive your discharge.

The law firm you work with should be established and able to give the individualized expertise you need, as opposed to the now all too common generic setting where bankruptcy filings are churned out without any real attention to clients and their unique needs.

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