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September 2016 Archives

Consumer Rights in the Supreme Court this Term

If you are applying for a job, it is likely that your potential employer will search for your name online. It is becoming increasingly more common to find companies using online information as part of a formal or informal background check before extending a job offer. Certain online search engines have created a business out of compiling public information about a person and packaging it for employers or any interested party to find. But what can you do if you discover that the information in these search engines is wrong?

What Does Bankruptcy Mean for Cosigners?

Bankruptcy can be an incredible tool for those struggling under the burden of debt. A personal bankruptcy has the life-changing ability to eliminate debt, protect assets, and stop creditor harassment. If your debt is backed by a cosigner, or if you are a cosigner on someone else's debt, it is important to understand what a bankruptcy might mean for these obligations.

DIY Bankruptcy Disasters

We've all seen some amazing Do-It-Yourself projects. From Pinterest to HGTV, perhaps you've seen the incredible home remodel or unbelievable craft idea. While it may be tempting to test your DIY abilities in bankruptcy law, it is best to keep those skills in the home and out of the courtroom.

Judge Debunks Common Bankruptcy Myths

This summer, Chief United State Bankruptcy Judge Jason Woodard met with community leaders and debunked common bankruptcy myths. Judge Woodard presides over the northern district of Mississippi, the poorest district in the nation. That district, like so many others nationwide, is seeing a gradual decrease in monthly filings, trending toward a leveling off of bankruptcy filings from year to year.

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